Spiritual Partners

Karinda Bani

Lifestyle Educator

Karinda holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Master of Public Health from the University of Wollongong. She has 15 years of experience in the vocational education and public health sectors, where she worked in various roles. These roles have all contributed to her gaining an extensive knowledge within the education and teaching realm.

Through her core values, she purposefully educates others adapt healthy eating habits and other invigorating lifestyle practices to their everyday life.

Karinda has worked closely with many schools and professional sporting organisations and this professional partnership has seen her guide many individuals on career pathways through fitness, sport and rec, community recreation and other qualifications and work placements.

Community mindedness is integral to Karinda, thus her longstanding involement to Surf Life Saving and Physical Culture (dance) have not just allowed her to compete over the years, it has also given her the space to coach and teach young boys & girls alike.

In 2016, inspired by her children, Karinda devoted herself to her purpose of integrating cultural values and understanding.

Through self-empowerment, her commitment to her purpose leads the way to a deeper sense of self-confidence, self-love and nurturing.

Mick Bani

Cultural Facilitator

Mick brings an extensive knowledge of Spiritual & Cultural beliefs and practices from his home island, Mabuyag, Torres Strait.

His profound knowledge and constant growth allows him to use Cultural Healing as a means to achieve an alternative life outcomes both Mentally & Physically. He facilitates this practice through all that he’s done and the work he is doing now.

In 2006, Mick signed a contract with a professional sporting club (NRL) which saw him succeed for half a decade. An achievement that he is very modest about.

Through his life experiences of being raised in a remote community, then having to spend most of his teenage and adult years away for high school and career, Mick has learnt a great deal of understanding cultural diversity, different communicative methods and other cultural backgrounds.

Mick conducts himself well through Cultural Values such as Humility, Respect & Integrity.

He identifies himself as Yabina Kaapu, an ancient adage that basically describes him as a “rock” for his family and his people.

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