Michael’s passion for motivational speaking comes from his innate cultural talent of storytelling.

The stories of a young boy growing up in the remote island of Mabuyag in the Torres Strait, following his journey to Sydney, will take you from tears to laughter and every heartfelt emotion in between.

Allow Michael to inspire and uplift your audience as he invites you in to his life’s journey and all the struggles and triumphs that he has endured along the way.

Through his professional football and acting careers, along with his own personal and family experiences of living in a remote Indigenous community, Michael will wholeheartedly share with his audience inspirational messages that lead to the development of mental strength and self-awareness.


Stait2City is a cultural incursion for 3-5years and K-6, which takes children on a unique journey through the Islands of the Torres Strait.

Children will experience Island culture in an interactive, fresh and fun filled immersion of song, dance, language, cuisine and more.

Our cultural immersion can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or early learning centre. Contact us for pricing and further information.



Kayin Revolutions cultural awareness workshops are an opportunity for your workplace or organisation to gain an in-depth understanding of Indigenous cultural diversities and how these may transcend into barriers within the work/school environment.

Michael and Karinda will tailor the workshop to meet your organisational needs and Reconciliation Action Plan, incorporating the skills and tools they apply to their daily lives to overcome cultural differences.

Each workshop can focus on some or all of the following:

Personal Growth:


Family/personal relationships

Health and Wellbeing

Work Related:

Improving rapport

Instilling a sense of community

Work environment

Understanding communication

Further mentoring on completion of the workshop is also available.


Kayin Revolution’s cultural immersion offers the ultimate experience of self-growth and connection, designed for both high school students and coorporate organsations.

Experience life in the Torres Strait Islands, where you will eat with the people, live with the people, and become the people.

This journey will not only strengthen your cultural knowledge, but will take you on a personal journey of a lifetime.

Kayin Revolution's cultural immersion will:

  • Strengthen self-connection

  • Broaden cultural knowledge and awareness

  • Allow for self-reflection and spiritual growth

Whether you are a high school or organisation looking to improve and strengthen cultural diversity and relationships, or an individual looking to connect and grow, our unique cultural immersion provides the perfect environment to meet your needs.

Please contact us for pricing packages. 


0452 423 905

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