A Kayin Revolution Initiative

At the heart of Kayin Revolution is the KAYIN Project. 

The Kayin Project is a holistic health and wellbeing community program that teaches Physical and Mental health through Spiritual and Cultural practices.

Australian Indigenous communities face many struggles and are far more vulnerable to suicide, domestic violence, chronic disease and drug and alcohol abuse. These issues have touched our family on many occasions, and this was the ultimate driving force behind the Kayin Project. 

The Kayin Project is a 1 week community event that encompasses Spiritual, Cultural, Physical and Mental health activities such as spear making, gardening, weaving, fishing, hunting, traditional cooking and many more. This gives children a unique opportunity to connect with their Spiritual and Cultural Identity and provide the platform for them to practice healthy lifestyle skills.

The Kayin Project has measured outcomes for children of increased self-confidence and self-esteem, a sense of pride in participating in cultural activities, increased knowledge in making healthy lifestyle choices, and most importantly lots of FUN!

If you would like further information for your community, or if you are an organisation who may be interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at 

Proceeds from all Kayin Revolution services go towards the Kayin Project


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